Visit Iglesias - Why visit Iglesias?

Why visit Iglesias?



Why visit Iglesias?

Firstly to get to know Iglesias citizens! Friendly, hospitable and a little nostalgic of their past, they will not hesitate to tell you about the city by showing you the most hidden corners.

The glorious mining past that began with the Phoenicians and the Punics, continued with the Romans, shining and majestic in the Middle Ages until the 1960s, still emerges from various city corners.

People from Iglesias will show you the Mining School, that brought the best Italian technicians to graduation, and that still shows itself to visitors in the way it looked at the beginning of the century. They will recommend you to visit the educational tunnel where mineral extraction was simulated by students.

They will surely invite you to see the Breve Villa di Chiesa, the statute of the medieval city and evidence of an era that is still celebrated with ceremonies and parades.

They will recommend you to take a walk along the Pisan walls and to take a look at the historic districts of the city below, to the Salvaterra Castle or to visit one of the countless churches, in particular San Francesco church which houses a beautiful medieval altarpiece.

"But if you come during Holy Week they will add "do not miss the religious rites, among the best in Sardinia, and in any case there’s always some cultural event here: a concert, a book presentation, a theatrical performance"

"But you can't leave without seeing Porto Flavia. Or at least a sunset in Masua they will recommend you again.

And after getting lost in the narrow streets of the old town between art nouveau buildings and delightful small shops, ask a passerby again where to eat "everywhere" he will answer "you will eat very well, but I recommend! Don’t forget to taste su mustazzeddu!