Visit Iglesias - Santa Barbara Cave

Santa Barbara Cave

Santa Barbara Cave guarantees the most striking surprise among Iglesias tourist attractions: a unique treasure that has been created by nature.

The story of its discovery is surprising. It takes place in 1952, during the construction of an ascending tunnel, the magnificent cave suddenly appeared under the incredulous eyes of a worker.

This great natural cavity, unknown to the scientific world, was hidden in the heart of the mountain inside the ancient layers of limestone and yellow dolomite, a geological structure of the lower Cambrian that date back to about 500 million years ago.

The cave features dark brown barite tabular crystals, calcite and aragonite.

This fascinating site is located inside San Giovanni Mine and can be reached through an intricate system of underground tunnels. At the moment is accessible by train, a 700-meter journey that leads to an elevator within the so called Carolina Shaft.

From the narrow entrance, located on the top of a spiral staircase, you’ll find the sparkling and majestic cave, literally, a fairytale place.



Tickets for the GUIDED visit of the Santa Barbara Cave can be purchased EXCLUSIVELY:

-   online by clicking here

-   in the ticket office at the Tourist Office in Piazza Municipio

-   in the site ticket office

The chosen time is indicated on the ticket. It is advisable to show up at the ticket office, with the printed ticket or the digital one, 20 minutes in advance. The delay requires a missed visit and does not entitle to a refund.

The guided tour lasts approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.

The temperature inside the cave is between 16/18 ° C.

The visit includes entry into the mine via a motorized train and an elevator. Access to the cave is via a spiral staircase.

Wear appropriate clothing for visiting a museum site. Avoid showing up in a swimsuit and skimpy clothing.

Closed toes shoes are required (no flip flops, slippers and clogs).



Full: € 15.00

Reduced (kids aged 6 -12 y.o.): € 12.00

Groups (at least 20 paying adults): € 13.00

Schools: € 12.00 (cannot be purchased online)

The number of visitors is quoted for security reasons. It is highly recommended to buy the ticket before the visit.

For groups of more than 15 people, contact the Tourist Office.


For information:
Tourism Office
Piazza Municipio, 1 - 09016 Iglesias - CA
Tel. 0781.274507 - Mail: