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Church of Santa Maria di Valverde

Church of Nostra Signora di Valverde

Similarly to what occurred to the more largely restyled town Cathedral, dedicated to Saint Clare, this church raised around the end of the th 13 century shows an architectural model of Romanesque roots, with insertions of that Gothic taste that was increasingly being appreciated in the Island. Entirely built in volcanic ashlars, the façade is divided in two orders by a horizontal moulded cornice.

The portal is surmounted by a round arch with hood moulding; in the second order opens a two-light Gothic window, with hood moulding, too. A profile of ascending and trilobate Lombard bands follows the outline of the two-pitched roof. The previous roofing of the single-nave hall was supported by corbels, still visible on the side walls. Currently, the wooden roof is supported by transverse ogival arches, dividing the internal space into bays. The vast presbytery area, of quadrangular shape, is covered by a fine, ribbed cross vault with gems.

The keystone presents a figure of the Virgin with the Child. The four minor gems bear, respectively: the author's name, Melchiorre Serra; the date of the work, 1592; the name of the responsible person, the “obrer” Antioco Spada; Christ's monogram, JHS. On the right side, the first chapel was opened in th the 16 century; it shows a refined vault with radial ribs, linking the squared basis to the hemi-octagonal impost by means of ribbed, cross little vaults. Opposite this space, an arch with bichrome bands is sustained by clusters of semi-columns with high plinths and capitals with floral decorations.