Visit Iglesias - Church of San Marcello

Church of San Marcello

This church was the headquarters of the San Marcello brotherhood and was situated to the left
of the Church of San Francesco until the end of the 19th century, when it was moved in order to
make room for the new primary school.
The reconstruction project was planned by engineer Luigi Degrossi in 1901, using some of the
materials recovered from the original church, such as the slate slabs for the inside flooring.
The neo-Gothic façade is all that remains to be admired of the original building.

The red, sloping façade has a distinctive doorway with a pointed arch. At the cusp of the arch, a Greek orthodox
cross directs the gaze up to the rose window above, while the top of the façade has a motif of
small Gothic arches identical to those decorating the windows on the Bishop’s Palace.