Visit Iglesias - Church of San Giuseppe

Church of San Giuseppe

Built between the late 16 C. and the early 17 C., it is characterised by the usual late-Gothic lines. Its plain façade is surmounted by a tympanum and enriched by an oculus, with polychrome stained glass composing the image of St. Joseph and Jesus Child. Inside, the hall layout is marked by a lancet arch roofing. The apse, of quadrangular plan, is covered by a rib cross vault and a hanging keystone with an image of a sorrowful Christ on it.

The altar hosts a wooden case containing the simulacrum of St. Joseph. On the hall sides are two chapels, guarding a th simulacrum of Santa Lucia (15 century), a statue of th th the Virgin (18 century), a Jesus Child (19 century) and the ancient bell of the sanctuary, cast by will of the cleric Antonio Canavera in 1639. In the sacristy of the church is a stoup with an effigy of Saint Clare defending herself against Saracens by raising the monstrance