Visit Iglesias - In two days

In two days

An essential visit at one of the major attractions in Sardinia as a whole: Porto Flavia, an extraordinary monument of industrial archeology that looms over an enchanting landscape. It was opened in 1924 as a modern tunnel system for transporting minerals from Masua and nearby mines directly into huge ships moored under the cliffs. Today you can walk along the upper level until you reach its opening on the breathtaking landscape and admire the gigantic sea stack of Pan di Zucchero.

If you don’t have a packed lunch to eat on the Beach of Masua you can have a short break in a small coffee bar and take a souvenir picture from the Belvedere of Nebida viewpoint and on the Lamarmora washing plant.

Going back to the suggestive Beach of Funtanamare you can have a refreshing summer bath or, during the winter, a walk in the company of the raging sea.

Heading back to the city you can also visit the Diocesan Museum: it contains the religious history of the city which is told by a very professional guide.

And finally: a walk at sunset along the Pisan walls that surround the old town.