Visit Iglesias - Feast of Sancta Maria di Mezo Gosto: descent of I Candelieri
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Feast of Sancta Maria di Mezo Gosto: descent of I Candelieri

The great historical tradition of the Feast of Sancta Maria di Mezo Gosto began in 1992 when the column of what had once been a candlestick was found in a small room adjacent to the Chapter Hall. This was skillfully restored by a craftsman from Iglesias and positioned in the Candelstick of the Santa Chiara district from which it probably came. Iglesias has eight candlesticks (the ninth, from 1500, relating to the Gremio of goldsmiths and silversmiths is still to be realized): University of Villa, four Historic districts and four Gremi and Corporations.

In “Il Breve di Villa di Chiesa” three chapters are dedicated to the feast of "Santa Maria di Mezo gosto" with various rules to be observed, one of them refers to the release of prisoners, men and women, on the day of the Virgin Assumption. The candles were so large as to remain lit for a whole year and no one was authorized to undo them, under penalty of having to pay 10 pounds of Alfonsini, the ancient coin minted in Iglesias during the thirteenth century.

I Candelieri, are four meters high and need 16-20 people for transportation.

Candeliere of the University of Villa

Gremio della Montagna Candlestick

Santa Chiara neighborhood Candeliere

Candeliere of the district of "Mezo"

Candeliere of the Fontana district

Candeliere of the Castello district

Candeliere of the Gremio dei Vinajuoli, Tavernai, Calzolai

Candeliere of the Gremio del Lavoratori-Artigiani